California Education Loan Debt Attorney

Education Loan Debt Resolution Needs Experienced Counsel

Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC will help you together with your personal student education loans. These kinds of loans need experienced counsel and there are not any solutions that are easy. Never agree with the fear lenders can sell. You can’t merely finish an application and work out it all better. Obtain the quality, self- confidence, and control you’ll need by speaking with attorneys skilled during these forms of complex financial obligation.

Featured Case Outcomes:

  • TEST VERDICT– EDUCAP vs. Customer. EDUCAP hired Gaba law practice to sue our client on a student-based loan and demanded 100% associated with amount that is total. The actual situation went along to test and lawyer William Campbell defended the outcome. The judge ruled in support of the defendant/student. Student/Client will pay $0.00! (EDUCAP v. customer Monterey County Superior Court instance # 16CV0021XX)
  • A $260,076.83 Navient account settled for $67,000.00
  • Customer had been sued by nationwide Collegiate education loan Trust for $43,466.96. Settled the full instance for $15,880.00 (Nationwide Collegiate Education Loan Trust 2007-4 V. Customer, Case#CIVDS15019XX)
  • Nationwide Collegiate education loan Trust sued our client in Marin County Superior Court for $44,776.08 and CASE WAS DISMISSED for $0 (Marin County Superior Court situation # 15014XX)

DISCLAIMER: every full situation is significantly diffent. Outcomes be determined by the unique legislation and facts of every instance. Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC makes no guarantees or warranties concerning the upshot of any matter that is particular situation. The Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC site, or even the given information contained in the internet site, ought to be construed as ATTORNEY ADVERTISING.

Log off the re payment treadmill machine to nowhere!

*View this Huffington Post article that quotes Greg Fitzgerald’s top ten Reasons you ought to Stop spending Your Unaffordable personal student education loans.

You should seriously consider defaulting on these loans if you have not already done so. Even though there are numerous factors included (like the loan quantity) and you ought to talk to an attorney that is experienced, we recommend customers default on these loans whenever: 1) they can’t manage to spend them or 2) they will have no clue once they will undoubtedly be paid down. Could you purchase automobile as well as a home when you’ve got no clue as soon as the re re payments would end? Needless to say perhaps maybe maybe maybe not. Equivalent applies to personal student education loans.

Private figuratively speaking are personal debt and tend to be maybe not diverse from your bank card (aside from the way they are addressed in bankruptcy). Considering that bankruptcy is normally maybe not open to you on these debts, strategic standard could be the only way to leave of financial



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